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One of the most common qs i see in forums is  >>> How to convert multiple jpg files to one one pdf file by one click .

I have got 2 solutions that I consider solve this situation to the best ....

*1.* Install  SCRIBUS from synaptic package manager . It can convert jpegs to pdf without any  issues .

F Spot Photo Manager can also be used .

*2.* This 2nd step I find much better ....
I have been using it myself for some time now ... and its flaw less ...

A) Install WINE using the terminal . For beginers .... Its a software that can run selected  windows applications on a linux destro like ubuntu. Installing is very easy >>>> open synaptic manager and in quick search box type Wine. Once the wine files show in the search mark them for installation.

For details on  easy manual for wine installation check here ..

B) Now go to the page below ....

Down load and save the software from the link given .

Open the file using wine ( Right click on the  file and choose the option open with wine.) The installer will run and the programme will be installed .

And Viola ... Its ready .... Import ur jpg files and merge them all in to 1 pdf file .. Very Useful In Merging Comics together.

So , That all regarding this query .. will post soon when I come across some thing small but Very Useful ..

Plz give ur feedbacks if the solution worked for you .

I will be back !!!!  ;D 8) 8) :o :-* :-* :P :P
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