Author Topic: The Spreadsheet is Dead – Long Live Incentive Compensation!  (Read 2876 times)

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Sales and finance leaders; don't spend any more energy on time-consuming spread sheets, with limited capabilities. Use strategic tools for sales compensations and incentives that will increase productivity while saving you and your team precious time.

 In this 8-page guide, you'll learn how a well-crafted incentive compensation plan can shape your sales team's behavior and improve your bottom line.

You'll also find out what to do to address the pitfalls of using spreadsheets, including:

    Errors in commission payments
    Time wasted on “shadow accounting”
    Poorly understood compensation plans
    Lack of visibility into compensation
    Lack of flexibility to modify plans
    Difficult forecasting of company performance
    Misaligned goals
    Difficult SOX compliance

The Spreadsheet is Dead – Long Live Incentive Compensation!

Download from Here

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