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reasonable solution to the testbed challenge?

I'd like to be able to test code privately, rather than on my public site.  In starting this project, I went to the Ubuntu 8.04 Synaptic Package Manager and "installed" Apache 2.2, twice.  I am not finding the files, which is why I did it twice.

So, I have a few questions.

1. Where are these files?

2.  Do I have to run Apache from a command line?

3.  Do I sound as stupid and ignorant as I feel?

I recently started redoing my web site, and find that I don't know quite enough about CSS and Server Side Includes, so I would like to avoid having raw code turn up on my live server any more than necessary.  The solution I am currently thinking about involves running an apache server locally on my Ubunto laptop (5 years old, Sony VAIO gifted to me 5 years ago) which I used to run apache on under WinXP, but never really used it.  I never quite figured out how to access it's feature to configure it, and the various O'Reilly books seem to assume a depth of knowledge I lack.  I know it was running, but I never found a setting to tell it to use a particular directory to serve pages from, and as far as adding modules, I remain as clueless as a newborn monkey.  Ok, now that I have exposed my jugular, and placed a straight razor in your hands,

Anyone want to take on a aging intern in the Los Angeles area and teach me or point me in the right direction?-/

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