Author Topic: Installed Ubuntu 11.04 - problem with drivers and such  (Read 3815 times)

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Installed Ubuntu 11.04 - problem with drivers and such
« on: July 29, 2011, 07:56:22 PM »
Hi guys, gals,

First, i won't hide it, this is "almost" my first time running linux and learning how to use it, so please, expect newbies questions from me. I'm a windows user since windows xp in 2002, and therefore, with all those years in windows, i got used to the interface and such. But i won't bother you with such boring stories, here is my problem"s".

1) Once i installed ubuntu 11.04, i saw that the "skin" or "theme" of ubuntu radically changed - for the best, in my opinion. Therefore, i finished the installation. Once i restarted, i got a message saying that i couldn't run unity ( I guess this is how the new design is called ?) because my hardware wouldn't support it. "It's obvious !", i said. "it's probably a driver issue since i didn't install any driver for the video card". So i moved on and went on nvidia's website to download lastest driver for my graphic card.

Before i proceed further in any other problem, i'd like to give you my config :

Intel i7 2nd gen 2630QM
8GB G skill 1333mhz RAM
Primary drive : SSD force series Corsair sata II
Secondary drive : seagate HDD 7200 rpm (ubuntu is installed on this one)
Primary graphic card : Nvidia gt 555m 3GB
Secondary graphic card : Intel HD graphics (turned off since i don't use optimus, not in windows, nor am i going to in ubuntu)
Integrated 2.0MP webcam
wifi adapter : Intel centrino advanced-N A/G/B/N 6230 combo bluetooth card

With this config, i guess you know that this is a laptop.

Short version of the story is that i want to install nvidia drivers, but a simple double click on a .Run file doesn't work (nvidia drivers were download with that extension)
Also, i've readed that most people don't like unity, but i like it. This is why i'd like to switch back to unity once my nvidia drivers are installed (if you could tell me how to do that, i would appreciate !)

This is for question/problem 1.

Second question is this : I have a mouse with a DPI of 5700 (freakin' fast in ubuntu). Despite the fact that i put down the pointer speed to 0, The mouse is still too damn fast ! Is there a way to lower it even more ? On top of it, the DPI on the fly of the mouse are at the lowest. This is madness !

My mouse is a Logitech G500 wired. Works perfectly in windows, but again, i guess the lack of drivers doesn't help :/.


Third question : I'd like to deactivate the need of ubuntu to ask me my password for everything - from changing a setting to a simple task as connecting to a wireless network. This is annoying beyond any point, in my opinion.


My fourth question is about Linux in general.. If i were to install, let's say, opensuse, side by side with ubuntu and windows 7, could it use the same swap area ? Or each linux distrib need one ?


Thanks for yours answer in advance,


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Installed Ubuntu 11.04 - problem with drivers and such
« on: July 29, 2011, 07:56:22 PM »

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Re: Installed Ubuntu 11.04 - problem with drivers and such
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2012, 03:21:48 PM »
You will need to install the proprietary drivers for the Nvidia Graphics card you are using. This website will show you how.