Author Topic: Take the Small Business Performance Review Process from Painful to Productive  (Read 3146 times)

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Learn the “insider's secret” of automating goal-setting and performance reviews to drive and sustain productivity and engagement.
Long Description: In today's reality, employees and managers alike view the paper-based performance review process as an exercise in “busy work” resulting in a waste of time with very little redeeming value. It doesn't have to be this way. Automating the review process gets valuable employee performance information “out of the drawer” and into circulation where it can actually be useful.

Learn how participants at all levels in your company will benefit from an automated performance management solution:

    HR - Enjoy a streamlined and efficient review process that includes electronic forms routing, online access and automated email reminders.
    Managers and Employees - Gain access to valuable productivity tools to save time, increase quality of coaching and feedback, and improve individual and team performance.
    Executive Team - Access and monitor key performance indicators and trends to track the company's overall progress against top-line strategic goals.

In these volatile economic times, market conditions can change quickly. By adopting an automated performance management process and assessing performance against goals on an ongoing basis, you'll ensure your company will be positioned for success. Learn how to take the pain out of the performance review process by downloading this white paper.
Take the Small Business Performance Review Process from Painful to Productive

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