Author Topic: Laptop with 2.1 Dual Core, 160 HDD, 3 GB of RAM - Enough ?  (Read 6403 times)

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 I have a Laptop with 2.1 Dual Core, 160 HDD and 3 GB of RAM. I wanna install Ubuntu LATEST flavor in my Laptop, but the problem comes when I boot my Lappy with Ubuntu CD. I have written the CD at home. I tried with several Ubuntu flavors but the problem still exists. When I boot the CD, after the first screen, the Ubuntu Boot screen comes and then it takes a long time there, with dots moving (progress bar). I wanna ask whether my CD writing is fault, or there may be an error in .ISO file I download. My Lappy specification is just normal to run Ubuntu.

 And also suggest me tha flavor which contain the Nmap and Metasploiot already installed in.

 Looking forward for buddiest response. Thanks.

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