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Ubuntu & Windows
« on: December 05, 2012, 07:38:29 PM »
I just installed Ubuntu from Windows. I was using it a few minutes ago and then I switched back to Windows b/c Ubuntu doesn't seem to connect very well like Windows does. What I came here for is to ask what are the perks of Ubuntu? ( I have been using it for a little while and I know basics like what SUDO is and how to use it in terminal, and how to install an app through the terminal as well as through the GUI). I do get to know software somewhat before asking things about it.

I know there are the big things like: You don't need an antivirus, and it's free, and you can customize it more. I really do like those features, but at the same time, Windows has a changing desktop background out of the box, a nice, clean taskbar and the ability to remember where Windows are, a lightweight application: deep freeze and data igloo.

But Ubuntu starts up... WAY faster. It seems more friendly to programming. I want to know what it is that makes you want to use Ubuntu. What is the driving reason that is not related to the light stuff (like customizing and paid/ non paid software). I have been reading forums about how to do this and that with Ubuntu b/c I don't know it all yet. If I'm missing something about the wireless, please let me know. I haven't even Googled it yet which is my resource for everything it seems. I could Google Windows Vs Ubuntu, but that's not what this is.  I obviously want to go to Linux to see what is so great about it, so please highlight those areas for me. I seen a nice interface but it seemed buggy still. Especially with the app Cairo.

Oh... and I used Wine and PlayOnLinux to install office... (some things I just can't go without.. just so used to excel). It installed fine and runs Ok, but I try restoring the window and it acts like it's going to but then goes back to full screen.

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Ubuntu & Windows
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