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Get quick, easy, low-cost solutions to all your network security concerns.

CNN is reporting that a vicious new virus is wreaking havoc on the world’s computer networks. Somebody’s hacked one of your favorite Web sites and stolen thousands of credit card numbers. The FBI just released a new report on computer crime that’s got you shaking in your boots. The experts will tell you that keeping your network safe from the cyber-wolves howling after your assets is complicated, expensive, and best left to them. But the truth is, anybody with a working knowledge of networks and computers can do just about everything necessary to defend their network against most security threats.

Whether your network consists of one computer with a high-speed Internet connection or hundreds of workstations distributed across dozens of locations, you’ll find what you need to confidently:

Identify your network’s security weaknesses
Install an intrusion detection system
Use simple, economical techniques to secure your data
Defend against viruses
Keep hackers at bay
Plug security holes in individual applications
Build a secure network from scratch

If you want to get a solid foundation in Linux, download this free eBook today.

Network Security For Dummies -- eBook (usually $22.99) FREE for a limited time!

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