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Winning the Talent War
« on: September 28, 2015, 02:05:12 PM »
In this on-demand webinar, we will take a closer look at strategies and tactics to help you outpace your competition by getting new hires on boarded more quickly.

Whether your company seeks experienced pros or the brightest grads, competition is fierce to get the best offer to the right candidate ASAP. With mobile penetration rates predicted to climb close to 90% in coming years, those candidates are likely conducting their job searches on mobile devices. Tech-savvy HR departments that ditch paper-based manual processes have a decided advantage over organizations that opt for overnight mail or old-fashioned technology.

Join Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content and Digital Media Technologies at IDC, Karen Prince, Senior Director of People Resources Strategic Planning & Technology at Adobe and Niamh Hoey, Continuous Improvement Lead at Telefonica Europe People Services Ltd., as they discuss some interesting findings on how manual-based paper processes are adversely impacting HR department productivity.

Attend this on-demand webinar to learn:
How mobile device adoption is changing the hiring process
Why 80% of business documents are still paper dependent
How to onboard employees 9x faster

Winning the Talent War

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Winning the Talent War
« on: September 28, 2015, 02:05:12 PM »