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This is a little out of context but I think there's enough info to get the jist of my issue. I originally posted it at the Ubuntu forum but seem to get a little runaround.
Sorry about multiple posts.
Let me first back up a bunch of steps. I originally had these two computers connected peer to peer ( adhoc) with Windows on both. After I installed Ubuntu within Widows there was a message " network available" so using the Network Manager I clicked on the wireless tab and configured the security, Ip address, subsetmask and gateway to the same settings as in Windows Voila I was up and running. That simple. I added a folder to the desk top, right clicked on it and checked "share". That's it .That simple. Note: I had previously downloaded "Network Manager" & " file Sharing Service" via the download manager.
Thanks to UBUNTU GEEK for the above setup.

Everyone keeps saying SAMBA. I have no knowledge of SAMBA and how to use or access it. Is the Network Manager a GUI for SAMBA?

I appreciate the help BUT no one appears to be carefully reading what I posted.
My network is Peer to peer wireless ( adhoc) There is no router. One of the computers connects to the Internet via a DIALUP modem.The other computer does not connect to the Internet at all. My network is 2 computers both mine and sit side by side.
File sharing between the two computers works fine UNTIL I engage the GUFW.
I added rules to UFW via GUFW to allow traffic TO ports 135, 137,138,139,445 UDP,TCP FROM XXX.XX.X.X/24 ( the range of the static Ips of both computers)
When I do this the Windows computer can now access the shared files on the Ubuntu computer. So far so good.
The name of my Windows workgroup is " BOBO"
From the Ubuntu Computer I press-- Places--->Network---> ( I then see two folders 1. BOBO & 2.Workgroup)----> press BOBO and the screen goes to the next page that should show an icon of a computer named "music" but it doesn't. It's blank.
If I disengage the FW the Music computer does show.I can the progress on to the shared files on the Windows ( music) computer.
Please note: If I don't put rules into UFW and engage the FW I don't get beyond Network. I can't see "workgroup" icon nor "BOBO" icon.

1. With this setup do I still not need a firewall
2. Why is the FW on the Ubuntu comp. blocking itself from seeing the Windows computer beyond the BOBO workgroup.
3. I see I have SAMBA installed but am not sure that I've ever done anything with it
Maybe that's the issue. If so PLEASE steer me in the right direction.


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OK so now I'm embarrassed. I was making things too complicated in my rules.
What I did to fix:

1. Open the GUFW
2. set allow both udp & tcp
3. In the from I put in the IP address of comp.B
Repeated this for comp. A

ALL IS WELL The FW will block everything except from these two IPs and there IPs assigned for LAN only and also have subset maskes.