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The core of the Internet is getting weaker as we connect ever more of our lives - phones, tablets, cars, refrigerators - to it. Meanwhile, the attacks are getting stronger.

Cybercrime is a global pandemic. Cybersecurity is mainstream today because we’ve seen the repercussions personally, professionally and financially from not keeping our corporate and customer data secure. Security isn’t an IT issue; it’s a board-level issue for organizations globally. To speak more broadly, it’s a global citizen issue. Although this topic has exploded over the last couple of years, there’s still a lack of awareness regarding many of the cybersecurity opportunities.

This guide includes multiple perspectives, including:

Cybersecurity in the modern age
Anatomy of a cybercrime
How to work around the inherent flaw of cybersecurity
5 ways to protect your business
Robert Herjavec’s advice for navigating cyberattacks
The next phase of cybercrime
Stay ahead of the curve and proactively defend yourself and your organization from the latest cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals - Risks, Procedures, and Integration

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