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Title: Installing dual-boot 13.10 with Windows 7 Home Premium
Post by: Cavalryman on April 11, 2014, 12:19:44 AM
I have an HP netbook with Win7 Home Premium on it and I'd like to install Ubuntu 13.10 as a dual-boot. When I have done this with earlier versions of Ubuntu, during the installation it gave me a simple graphic slider to shrink the Windows partition and install Ubuntu on the space thus created. Not this time. I get a dialog which gives me the option to wipe the hard drive and install Ubuntu or "Do Something Else." The "something else" option shows me the existing partitions but there's apparently no way to easily resize them to make space for Ubuntu. What happened to the simple slider? How can I shrink the Windows partitions onto half of the disk and install Ubuntu onto the other half?

Please be as explicit as possible. If I were already savvy to this stuff, I wouldn't have to ask.