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Title: opening those pesky .sn programs
Post by: jhaskins75 on April 16, 2010, 01:18:13 PM
I assume that this file is probably a binary, but I desperately need to have this program [ Medusa4 ], Anyway, it successfully downloaded to my download folder as a .sn designation on the end of the file, and I followed the related installation instructions, even tot he point not to make a mistake, I copied and pasted the commands for accurateness to allow any errors, Were I think I keep screwing up is, I do not know the command for " Run " All dependencies were meet.

Example 1:   Linux
correct path: /opt/medusa_V4_0_0
wrong path:   /opt/medusa V4.0.0

Example 2: Linux
MEDUSA Personal runs on the following Linux distributions:
                             Distribution    Version
                             CentOS          5
                             Fedora          11, 12
                             RedHat          EL 5
                             SuSE            11 (OSS)
                             Ubuntu          9.04, 9.10
For running MEDUSA Personal a csh or tcsh shell is required. If there is no csh or tcsh shell
installed, install it, for example, using the following command:
                             Distribution   Command
                             Fedora         yum install tcsh
                             Ubuntu         sudo apt-get install csh
I did this an it was successful for the required ' csh ' shell install.

Example 3: Installing MEDUSA
For the installation you have to be superuser (root). Open a terminal and run the file

This is were I run into trouble:   I feel that using the pre fix ' sudo ' makes me the root, but doing this as stated to run the program, the message in my terminal states, ' can not find the program medusa_v4 etc..... I have used all my known commands such as apt-get install, update, upgrade, apt-source etc, to no avail.

I am totally new to linux, such as only 2 months, and really want to say with it, even though I use Virtual Box to run a Virtual Windows so big daddy Bill Gates does not think I have abandon him, but I desperately need to master the command line for these type of .sn program installs. My package managers do not recognize these file formats.

All and any help will be appreciated, and also, ' PLEASE ', when you give me the correct command text line to use, please be accurate, as I will certainly copy / paste it to my terminal to avoid any mistakes.

Thank you, John Haskins     { And if I screw up this time, I am going togrant you permission for desktop sharing } :'(
Title: Re: opening those pesky .sn programs
Post by: joe12 on April 16, 2010, 05:31:52 PM

-could you tell me were you got it from ???...........website