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Title: Bash not finding shell script in first directory on path
Post by: maarvarq on September 10, 2011, 02:52:17 PM
Further to my Lilypond woes...

Lilypond is installed (I just had to re-install it but that's another issue) and there is a lilypond shell script as promised in my /home/mark/bin folder

[email protected]:~$ ls /home/mark/bin
abc2ly      lilypond-book            midi2ly               sfarkxtc
convert-ly  lilypond-invoke-editor   mup2ly                uninstall-lilypond
etf2ly      lilypond-wrapper.guile   musicxml2ly
lilypond    lilypond-wrapper.python  RealPlayer10GOLD.bin

and this folder is the first one in the PATH variable
[email protected]:~$ echo $PATH

but bash isn't finding it there
[email protected]:~$ lilypond O_Sacrum_Convivium_MC
bash: /usr/bin/lilypond: No such file or directory

It runs fine if I specify the directory for the command
[email protected]:~$ /home/mark/bin/lilypond O_Sacrum_Convivium_MC
GNU LilyPond 2.14.2
Processing `O_Sacrum_Convivium_MC.ly'

etc. so this isn't insuperable, but am I missing something obvious or should this not be happening? Thanks.