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Title: Bug appears on screen on hibernate command
Post by: Jim on September 30, 2011, 12:23:46 AM
Hello.. I've installed Ubuntu (Lucid) on a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop.  I've read threads on this topic already but I am experiencing something quite different when I select hibernate from the shutdown screen.  I actually get a picture of a bug (ant?) turning around on the center of the screen with a flashlight like beam illuminating a "spot" on the background picture.  Is this an Easter egg or a virus of sorts?? 
The system really runs slow but I only have 256Mb ram installed and a 12Gb  hard drive. so I suspect that that's part of the slowness. It's really annoying 'cuz it doesn't always happen and when I close the lid the computer may or may not still be on and runs the batt down!
Has anyone else seen this "BUG" ??