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Title: need to setup domain
Post by: 51B0RG on January 14, 2012, 03:40:21 AM
i run ubuntu server v11.10 and i need to setup a domain.
i have my domain through godaddy. it is http://giganet-gaming.com .
the best i can do so far is redirect the domain to the ip address with masking. but once anything else is clicked it changes back to the ip of the webserver.

i have samba and lamp im not sure which one if working the site, i think its lamp.
/var/www/ is the location.

plz help!

Edit:i reinstalled the server and most of everything. during installation i chose
OpenSSH server
DNS server
LAMP server
Mail server
Samba server
Tomcat Java server
Virtual Machine host

thats what i have installed anyways.

don't assume that i know anything. i pretty much a newbie. i do know some things like sudo, and nano