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Title: Shared folder in Ubuntu 14. 4LTS no longer accessible
Post by: monketrip28 on August 12, 2015, 08:32:34 AM
Hope any one of you brilliant minds could help me out with this issue as I am battling this for the past 2 weeks and can not find a way round.

Here is the problem.

I had Ubuntu 12 Server LTS. Which is installed in 160GB Disk 1. My share Files & Folders are in 2HDD which is a 2TB. Disk 2. I used to access my network via Hardware VPN as well. No issues Even setting up was easy no head-scratching configuration.

Anyhow. I decided to upgrade the OS to 14.4LTS. So to be in the safe side I got my self another HDD and Installed 14.4 LTS from the scratch. Now. After doing all the configuration the Internal Computers and users (LAN) can access the Shared Folder without a Issue but for some reason the external users cant access the same shared folders (They all connect to the LAN thru VPN). All client computers are using windows 8.1. The strange thing is when i plug back the HDD which has 12.2LTS OS and try to access the shared folders it works like a charm.

I have done the exact same configuration on the 14.4 as I have done in the 12.2. but once I am in 14.4 accessing those folders from outside the local network is not possible. BTW I am using Samba to share files as the client are all windows.

Your assistance is much appreciated.