Author Topic: 6 Reasons Your Application Won't Work on an iPad And How to Fix That  (Read 2969 times)

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Are you an application owner or a CIO struggling to enable your employees to access corporate applications from iPads? If so, this paper will provide you with the 6 key reasons that your enterprise applications won't run on iPads and practical solutions to solve this issue without having to rewrite your entire application portfolio.

 Download this white paper today and you will learn how to:

    Provide mobile access to “thick” apps and those built with technology that doesn’t run on the iPad
    Avoid expensive testing and development because of browser incompatibilities
    Extend the touch-based tablet user experience to existing corporate applications
    Enable mobile application access while keeping your data safely behind your firewall
    Provide immediate click-response and amazing application performance on mobile devices – even over unreliable mobile networks

Find out how to support both a BYOD-enabled workplace and provide corporate applications that are both accessible and usable from iPads. This white paper will give you a compelling look at a new approach to application mobilization that enables both application owners and IT to deliver quick wins.

6 Reasons Your Application Won't Work on an iPad – And How to Fix That

Download from Here

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